Cookie statement

The website (the “Website”) and any additional services are provided by Koninklijke VolkerWessels B.V., Reggesingel 10, NL-7461 BA Rijssen, The Netherlands, (“we” or “us”). This Cookie Statement contains important information about the types of cookies and similar technologies that we use, and for what purposes.

1. What are cookies?
Cookies, and similar technologies such as certain JavaScript-code and pixels, are small (text) files that your computer or mobile device stores when you visit the Website via your browser. Where required by law, we will ask for your consent via the Website before placing cookies and/or similar technologies (referred to below as “cookies”). If you revisit the Website, the cookies can be sent to our servers.

2. Why do we use cookies?
We need to use a number of cookies in order to be able to provide our services (via the Website) properly. We do so, for example:
a. to make using the Website easier and more enjoyable;
b. to ensure that you don’t receive the same information more often than necessary, or have to fill in the same information more than once;
c. to analyse and monitor use of the Website (the duration and frequency of visits, the number of visitors, “click behaviour”); and
d. to get a clear image of visitor flows, traffic sources and page views, among other things.
We also use cookies to:
e. display YouTube video content.

3. What kinds of cookies do we use?
The Website uses various types of cookies, from us as well as from third parties. The use of cookies from other companies is subject to the privacy and cookie statement of the company concerned. Below is an overview of the cookies that can be installed via the Website:

Analytical cookies
We use analytical cookies to collect statistics on the use of the Website by users. These are the cookies involved:

Source of the cookie

Name of the cookie

Source domain



Google Analytics

o   _ga

o   _gat

o   _gid

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google for collecting Website statistics and displaying them in a detailed manner. The purpose of this service is to give us a clear image of how the Website is being used.

o   2 years

o   1 minute

o   24 hours


YouTube cookies
Cookies from third-party YouTube enable us to store and display YouTube video content on our Website.These are the cookies involved:

Source of the cookie

Name of the cookie


Source domain



o   PREF

o   YSC


o   GPS


Tracking cookies
We use a tracking cookie from DoubleClick. This “tracking” cookie enables Google to track whether you have viewed advertisements on our Website, and which ones. Cookies like this make it possible to display advertisements that are relevant to you. We need your consent before installing these cookies. You are free to decide whether or not to give your consent. If you do decide to give your consent, you may withdraw it whenever you wish. You can do so by removing the placed cookie(s). You can also choose to adjust your browser settings for the future (see Section 4).

Source of the cookie

Name of the cookie

Source domain















4. Changing your browser settings
Most browsers can be set to refuse cookies or to notify you when you receive a cookie. If you don’t want the Website to be able to install cookies on your device, please adjust your browser settings. How you can adjust the browser settings differs from one browser to another. You can adjust the settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also remove cookies that have already been installed. If you refuse cookies, it may mean that some functions of the Website are lost, or that you can no longer (completely) see certain pages. Click on one of the following icons to go directly to your browser’s instructions, or, if necessary, consult your browser’s help function:

a. Chrome
b. Firefox
c. Internet Explorer
d. Safari

5. Personal data
The use of tracking cookies may involve the processing of personal data. Our Privacy Statement tells you how we handle your personal data.

6. Changes
This Cookie Statement is intended to provide information and can be altered by us at any time due to changed circumstances or new legislation. You can always find an up-to-date version of this Cookie Statement on our website.