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Wooden residential building in Monnickendam realized in seven months
Wooden residential building in Monnickendam realized in seven months

M'DAM, the most circular wooden residential building in the Netherlands, was completed this week. After seven months of prefabrication and construction on site - at the Pierebaan in Monnickendam - the 42 owner-occupied apartments and 20 social housing units were handed over to the new owners. Never before has a large-scale residential building been realized in the Netherlands that is constructed almost entirely of CLT (cross laminated timber).

BMB Development (part of VolkerWessels) is responsible for the development of M'DAM. Daniëlle Rossmeissl (developer): "In addition to our own team, Finch Buildings, housing corporation Wooncompagnie and De Groot Vroomshoop (also VolkerWessels) made an important contribution to the realization. Together, we have created a residential building with M'DAM that is innovative in many ways. It is not only a pleasure to live in, but also the proof that modular construction with wood has a future." M'DAM was designed by architect Finch Buildings and further developed with timber builder De Groot Vroomshoop into a timber modular building concept suitable for permanent residence.

Factory for Wooden Buildings

All 62 apartments were built almost entirely in De Groot Vroomshoop's "Factory for Wooden Buildings". In the factory, the wooden modules were provided with facades and roofs, insulation, floor finishes, windows and doors, plumbing, electrics and installations. The entire energy requirement was met electrically. The apartments were transported by road to Monnickendam and assembled and finished on site.

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