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Volker Energy Solutions signs framework agreement with TenneT
Volker Energy Solutions signs framework agreement with TenneT
14 January 2021

On 7 January last, Volker Energy Solutions signed the contract to help build the energy supply and energy transition of the Netherlands in the next 5 to 11 years in the new TenneT EU-303 programme. The energy sector faces challenges in the coming years. Not only will energy transition result in a restructuring of the energy infrastructure, but its expansion, reinforcement or even replacement will also be necessary. In order to maintain and even improve the security of supply and reliability of the energy grid, TenneT and its EU-303 partners will build up a long-term and intensive cooperation in order to meet these challenges.

Exploiting innovations

TenneT's task is to keep the electricity grid safe and available. To this end, around 140 high-voltage substations will be replaced between now and 2031. In addition, growing energy demand requires the expansion and upgrading of another 210 high-voltage substations. The energy market is innovating rapidly and TenneT wants to be ready to exploit new opportunities. Among other things, TenneT will focus on the further development of BIM (Building Information Modelling), standardisation and the use of an open data model.

Content of the contract

EU-303 is a bundling and replacement of, among others, the Framework agreements EU-203, EU-235 and EU-207 and the Field replacement programme. The scope of EU-303 Stations includes multidisciplinary work at and for 110kV, 150kV, 220kV and 380kV high-voltage substations. This includes primary, secondary, tertiary, telecom, earthing and civil/engineering works for new construction, expansion, reconstruction, renovation, removal and replacement of high- and low-voltage installations, as well as management and maintenance works. The activities consist of engineering, realisation, supply of (auxiliary) materials, assembly, testing and project management/coordination.

Continuation of successful cooperation

Volker Energy Solutions already worked for grid manager TenneT in the past five years. After winning this excellent position, the cooperation will not only be continued, but also expanded. Thijs Vera, director Volker Energy Solutions: "This EU-303 Framework Agreement offers Volker Energy Solutions many opportunities for further development of our organisation and deployment of new technologies and further innovations. Think of BIM, Virtual Reality and data-driven work. As a partner of TenneT we are ready for the challenges and tasks within the energy sector.”

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