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This is VolkerWessels vlog #29 as well: bicycle parking and protection of IJboulevard
This is VolkerWessels vlog #29 as well: bicycle parking and protection of IJboulevard
16 December 2021

Parking your bicycle under the IJ River in Amsterdam and then taking the train, metro, bus or ferry: it will be possible in mid-2023. Commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam, VolkerWessels company Van Hattum en Blankevoort is working on an underground bicycle parking facility for 4,000 bicycles on the IJ-side of the Central Station.

The bicycle parking facility is protected by a free-standing pier guard against possible collisions with shipping traffic and above the bicycle parking facility a residential area is created with an unobstructed view over the water: the IJboulevard. A hydraulic engineering project that appeals to the imagination because of its special location, sustainable design and the techniques used!

To save time and limit inconvenience and environmental impact, the three concrete elements for the bicycle parking facility (weighing up to 7,000 tons each) were constructed in the Western Harbour area, transported over water and then dropped into the foundation piles. Enough reason for our vlogger Amber to be shown around by project manager Cor van Vliet and technical manager realization Jorik Freeke.

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