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This is also VolkerWessels vlog #31: Energiepark Pottendijk
This is also VolkerWessels vlog #31: Energiepark Pottendijk

Just to the northeast of Emmen, between Nieuw-Weerdinge and Emmer-Compascuum, the energy transition is moving forward. Since the end of last year, Shell has been working here on Energiepark Pottendijk: 90,000 solar panels and 14 wind turbines, which together will generate 170 GWh of green electricity annually. VolkerWind has received the contract for the design and realization of the Balance of Plant for the wind farm.

VolkerWind is a collaboration between the VolkerWessels companies Van Hattum & Blankevoort, Visser & Smit Hanab and KWS. This collaboration means that all the necessary disciplines are housed under one roof, the lines are short and the shared expertise is extensive. The Balance of Plant for which VolkerWind is responsible consists of (temporary) construction roads, crane emplacements, the complete (park) cabling, a purchasing station and the foundations for the wind turbines.


Because of the solid subsoil it is not necessary to build the foundations on piles, but it is built directly on the sandy soil. On steel' in jargon, a unique concept in the Netherlands. As soon as the Balance on Plant is ready, the 14 wind turbines (shaft height 84 meters, tip height 149.5 meters) and the solar panels will be installed. In this 31st vlog, Martijn Winters of VolkerWind and Ernst de Wiljes of Shell tell you more about it.

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