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Renewal of bus platform The Hague Central fully completed
Renewal of bus platform The Hague Central fully completed
09 April 2020

On Monday March 23rd, the renewed bus platform The Hague Central was fully taken into use. After the completion of the first phase in November last year, in which the new boarding platforms and a comfortable waiting area in the station hall were realised, the second and final phase has now also been completed. The staging area for international scheduled services is ready, the dry run for passengers on the side of the Prins Bernhardviaduct is finished and bus drivers can now also use the new pavilion to rest. A nice milestone in a special project.

Integral cooperation between various VolkerWessels companies

Commissioned by the municipality of The Hague, VolkerWessels company KWS worked with various subcontractors in recent years on the renewal of the bus platform The Hague Central and the refurbishment of the Prins Bernhardviaduct. A challenging project in the complex environment around The Hague Central Station. A large number of other VolkerWessels companies also participated in the project: Gebr. Van Kessel, Smits NeuchâteI Infrastructuur, BKB Infra, VolkerRail, Visser & Smit Hanab, Volker Stevin Materieel, Visser & Smit Bouw, HOMIJ, VW ICC and Aveco de Bondt.

Milestone achieved

Completing all the work on time was quite challenging in this time of corona. By carefully following government guidelines and making good agreements with subcontractors and suppliers, we managed to open the new bus platform to the public on time - even a week earlier than planned.

A festive opening is currently being postponed. At a later stage, the municipality of The Hague and all parties involved will reflect on this fine result.

Photography: Rindert van den Toren

Aveco de Bondt ingenieursbedrijf

Burgemeester van der Borchstraat 2,
7451 CH Holten
+31 548 85 33 33

Gebr. Van Kessel B.V.

Part of parentcompany Mauris dolor sem
Kornedijk 7a,
4116 CE Buren
+31 344 578578

HOMIJ Technische Installaties bv

Lange Dreef 7,
4131 NJ Vianen
+31 (0)88 1861600

HOMIJ Technische Installaties bv

Part of parentcompany KWS Infra bv
Groenewoudsedijk 10,
3528 BG Utrecht
+31 (0)30 291 9660

KWS Infra bv

Lange Dreef 9,
4131 NJ Vianen
+31 347 35 73 00

Smits Neuchâtel Infrastructuur

Part of parentcompany KWS Infra bv
Groenewoudsedijk 10,
3528 BG Utrecht
+31 (0)30 2 91 9660

Visser & Smit Bouw bv

Waalhaven Z.z. 11,
3089 JH Rotterdam
+31 10 313 10 00

Visser & Smit Hanab bv

Rietgorsweg 6,
3356 LJ Papendrecht
+31 78 641 72 22

Volker Stevin Materieel

Donker Duyvisweg 75,
3316BL Dordrecht
+31 78 6546300


Lange Dreef 7,
+31 347 35 44 44

VolkerWessels Infra Competence Centre

Lange Dreef 13,
4131 NJ Vianen
+31 88 13 03 700