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Pilot Smart Maintenance Kreekrak Locks a big success
Pilot Smart Maintenance Kreekrak Locks a big success
26 January 2021

Based on a cooperation between KWS, VolkerRail and Asset.Insight, VolkerWessels Infrastructure recently successfully completed the Smart Maintenance Kreekrak locks pilot project for Rijkswaterstaat. The aim of this programme is the transition from periodic to condition-based maintenance through the application of new technologies. This means that we can carry out maintenance at exactly the right time using data from sensors and data from the lock's operation and control system (SCADA).

To apply condition-based maintenance, information on the behaviour and condition of the installations is needed. This data is retrieved from the operating and control system (SCADA) and, where necessary, from additional sensors. To be able to access this data, VolkerWessels Infrastructure has realised an ODS (Object Data Service) link that ensures safe data transfer.

A great deal of knowledge and experience has been gained during the pilot project and various generally applicable monitoring products have been developed that can be used in other projects and installations. Our years of experience and knowledge in the field of monitoring (including rail systems) have played an important role in this. In addition, the intensive cooperation with the client, Rijkswaterstaat, within the pilot team has been of great value. Maria Angenent (Vital Assets Programme) and Ruben Mol (asset management advisor) of Rijkswaterstaat state in an article that this pilot has once again proved the 80/20 rule. The technology has determined 20% of the success. According to them, the other 80% is due to the successful cooperation within the pilot team. They conclude their article with the following: "The trust that we have granted each other has really been a success factor. It allowed us to be open about our interests and the setbacks we could expect. This has enabled us to make better predictions for the Kreekrak locks".

Now that the pilot project has been completed, the monitoring will be integrated into the cooperation on the current performance contract for waterways in Zeeland Delta as of 1 January 2021. The knowledge network will thus remain intact in scaled-down form. In addition, we at VolkerWessels Infrastructure will use the knowledge and experience gained in all our current and future projects.

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