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M.J. Oomen goes to work again for Waterkring de Baronie
M.J. Oomen goes to work again for Waterkring de Baronie
16 December 2020

From January 2021, VolkerWessels company M.J. Oomen Moerdijk will once again be responsible for cleaning and inspecting the sewers of Waterkring de Baronie. The specialist in sewer inspection, renovation and management received the final assignment. The contract runs for two years and can then be extended twice for another year. Such clustered, and also multidisciplinary enquiries, are increasingly being made. By joining forces with other VolkerWessels companies, M.J. Oomen can be of service to its client.

Cleaning and inspection with camera systems and drones

The focus of the work is on cleaning and inspecting both the sewerage system and the sewer wells. Periodic cleaning and inspection of the sewer system preserves its functionality. In addition, the participating organisations gain insight into the technical condition of the sewer system in this way.

Visual inspection is carried out using remotely controlled camera systems. If further investigation is required, M.J. Oomen is also able to apply specialist examination. For example, radar technology is used to examine the concrete quality of the pipes or cavities, mist inspections to find connections or even drones to visualise locations that are difficult to reach. All this data is processed in a digital report for the customer. This gives them insight into whether the operation of the sewerage system is still satisfactory or whether renovation work, for example, is necessary.

Years of cooperation

The working area is not unknown territory for M.J. Oomen. Over the past thirty years, they have been involved in cleaning and inspecting the sewage systems in question. Toine Vermunt, commercial director at M.J. Oomen: ''Thirty years ago I carried out my very first inspection in Breda. The fact that, after thirty uninterrupted years, we are still inspecting the sewerage system here makes me extremely happy.”

Thirty years have seen some changes. Where the municipalities at the time asked their questions individually, they are now doing so together. "This is a development that we have seen in several parties over the years. And we have grown along with it as an inspection company. We are also seeing a shift from monodisciplinary projects to multidisciplinary projects. By joining forces with other colleagues at VolkerWessels, we can also be of service to the client'', says Toine Vermunt.

Waterkring de Baronie

The work will be carried out within the participating organisations of Waterkring de Baronie. These include the municipalities: Alphen-Chaam, Baarle-Nassau, Breda, Etten-Leur, Rucphen, Zundert and water board Brabantse Delta.

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