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KondorWessels Projecten and municipality of Utrecht sign agreement for redevelopment of former school complex
KondorWessels Projecten and municipality of Utrecht sign agreement for redevelopment of former school complex
29 October 2020

Project developer KondorWessels Projecten (KWP, a VolkerWessels company) and the municipality of Utrecht recently signed an Intention and Plan Cost Agreement (Dutch: ‘Intentie- en Plankostenovereenkomst’ or ‘IPOK’) for the redevelopment of a former school complex on the Archimedeslaan. The signing of the IPOK, which puts KWP in the lead as developing party, is an important step for this area development on the east side of Utrecht.

KWP and the municipality of Utrecht are now working together on an urban programme of requirements for the area, which will include approximately 2,000 homes - including student homes, starter homes and private sector homes - and additional facilities such as a supermarket. The plan will be characterised by urban development that takes account of contemporary ambitions and requirements in terms of sustainability, liveability and mobility. Both the municipality and KWP recognise the importance of careful but also rapid development, given the enormous housing needs in the city.

The plot has a size of approx. 45,000 m² and is bordered by the Archimedeslaan, Daltonlaan and the A27 and A28 motorways. KWP recently acquired the plot from real estate entrepreneur Aprisco. Commissioned by KWP, the former school complex will be remediated from asbestos in the short term and then demolished. At the same time, construction workers working on the nearby new RIVM building will temporarily make use of the available parking spaces behind the former school complex.

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