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Construction of solid wooden residential building in Monnickendam moves into final phase
Construction of solid wooden residential building in Monnickendam moves into final phase

The final construction phase of the M'DAM apartment building has begun. On Tuesday, 15 June, the last flats arrived at the construction site in Monnickendam by means of large transport from the factory in Enschede. This concludes the three-month prefabrication process of the 62 wooden flats. The complete structural CLT (wood) shell residential building is now ready for further construction. The future residents will receive the keys in the autumn.

The final construction phase on site includes the installation of masonry and steel façade elements on parts of the residential building. All the technical installations and solar panels on the roofs will also be installed and connected. The general areas in the building will be finished and equipped with electricity and lighting. All 62 sustainable flats will be delivered all-electric. The finishing touches will include the design of the public areas, the construction of the parking spaces and the greenery, and the preparation of the special parking spaces for electric shared cars.

Nomination Sustainable Construction Awards

At the beginning of June, M'DAM was nominated for the Sustainable Construction Awards, in the category of most sustainable project. This category relates to construction projects that are at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. The awards are an initiative of the DBA foundation, in which abcnova, W/E advisers, FSC Nederland and Duurzaam Gebouwd have joined forces. The foundation aims to stimulate sustainability in the built environment. The winner will be announced at the beginning of July.

14 football pitches of FSC-certified forests

The positive impact of wood on the climate, circular economy and health is well known. Wood stores CO2 and, as a bio-based material, contributes to the circular economy and to people's health, compared to non-bio-based materials. However, the application of certified wood does much more. Wood from sustainable forests helps to avoid deforestation, which in turn contributes positively to biodiversity, soil and waterways in forests.

The FSC Forest Calculation Tool can be used to find out how much area of forest is actually protected in FSC-certified forests. For these 62 flats, we used over 1,500 m3 of certified wood, of which 50 m3 was FSC tropical wood (Azobé). With this share of FSC-certified wood alone, we are protecting a total of 100,000 m2 of forest over 30 years. That is the equivalent of approximately 14 football fields.

Collaborating parties

M'DAM came about through the efforts of four parties, each with their own expertise. The plan was developed by BMB ontwikkeling B.V. of Limmen (part of VolkerWessels). The building was designed by product developer and architect Finch Buildings from Amsterdam. The prefabrication and construction of the modular timber building concept is be carried out by De Groot Vroomshoop (also part of VolkerWessels) in its Factory of Wooden Buildings. Twenty homes (for social rental) in the project will be purchased by Wooncompagnie of Hoorn, also a co-initiator of M'DAM. In addition to 22 free-sector owner-occupied homes, 20 social housing units will also be built in the plan. The entire project has already been sold. More information www.woneninmdam.nl.

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