Because our projects focus on living, working and mobility, VolkerWessels plays an important role in the transition to a climate-neutral, circular and healthy living environment. By focusing on improving the health of people, strengthening the natural environment and being a good employer, we as a construction company can provide significant added value. We have defined this focus together with our stakeholders in recent years.

The six sustainability spearheads of VolkerWessels

VolkerWessels has formulated six spearheads with accompanying objectives for 2025. Three of these objectives concern developments that make sustainability a further part of our business. That is where we want to have a positive influence. The other three objectives are about sustainable operations. We call this 'having our own house in order'. By focusing on these six priorities, we can make a major contribution to increasing sustainability in the construction sector and distinguish ourselves as a sustainable knowledge partner in the market.

Spearhead 1: Circular design strategies

By building according to circular principles, we build with fewer primary raw materials and allow raw materials to circulate in cycles. Use of a Madaster material passport, high-grade reuse, recycling and a circular design are key to this.

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Spearhead 2: Sustainable use of materials

As VolkerWessels, we want to reduce our environmental impact related to using raw materials.We do this by gradually increasing the share of renewable and reused materials and reducing the share of primary raw materials.

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Spearhead 3: Sustainable material services

We are working on solutions to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions on the building site. We are doing this by investing in smart logistics, making our equipment fleet more sustainable and cooperating with supply chain partners.

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Spearhead 4: CO2 emissions from the vehicle fleet

By 2025, we want to have reduced the emissions from our fleet by 25% compared to 2019. At the same time, we will offset the remaining emissions from the fleet by investing in 'carbon credits' that will benefit environmental projects. We see that the corona measures had a positive impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions from work travel. We would like to maintain this in the long term, by making it easier to work from home and at other locations. In addition, the electrification of our fleet is an important measure.

Spearhead 5: Waste separation

Our residual flows are raw materials and materials that are released at construction sites, factories and offices. Currently, we already separate and recycle more than 95% of our waste streams. Our next objective is to prepare this for higher-grade use.

Spearhead 6: Social return

VolkerWessels helps people with a distance to the labour market to find valuable and suitable work. By doing so, we add value to our work and to our society. We are striving for a social return score of 1.9% in 2025. This means that we employ almost two people with a distance to the labour market for every 100 colleagues. We achieve this partly through VolkerWessels Inclusief, VolkerWessels' (internal) learning-working company.

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Do you want to see more examples of how we put 'Building for sustainability' into practice? 

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