Building a better quality of life means building a more sustainable world. It goes without saying that we realise that our activities too have an impact on people, the environment and society. We communicate transparently about this impact in our Sustainability Report. At the same time we do our best to limit our negative impact on the living environment, or even turn it into a positive impact. Our efforts in this area are focused on three key topics: health, the natural environment and work & social activities. These are specific areas we can genuinely impact through our daily activities and projects.


Safety is an important pillar within the key topic of health. So we focus heavily on working safely with our WAVE safety programme. However, we believe health and safety means more than ‘just’ working safely; it also includes aspects such as limiting the emission of particulates and nitrogen on our projects and measures such as installing good lighting, cameras and sensors to make people feel safer. Health is a spearhead on every activity and project.

Natural environment

Minimising CO2 emissions, reusing resources and using alternative materials… At VolkerWessels we have multiple spearheads in the way we care for the natural environment. And the results are clear. Our CO2 emissions continue to drop every year and our approach to reusing resources is helping us take an important step towards the future: a circular economy. Several notable examples include the ZuiverWonen concept and the use of cradle-to-cradle materials at Finch Buildings. Furthermore VolkerWessels, along with the Dutch government and other companies, signed the National Raw Materials Agreement which outlines commitments and objectives relating to the use of renewable resources

Work & social activities

Our main ambition within the third key topic of work & social activities is to help more people who are at a disadvantage on the job market find meaningful work at VolkerWessels. Our central Social Return Counter helps us achieve this ambition. The Social Enterprise Performance Ladder created by Dutch research institute TNO keeps our companies moving in the right direction.

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