As one of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands (and with activities in the UK, North America and Germany), there is hardly a province, municipality, city or village where VolkerWessels does not play a role in shaping the living environment. But besides our activities, our 130 local companies and 17,000 colleagues are also at the heart of society. Together, we try to make the world a little more beautiful, stronger and future-proof every day, especially for future generations.

This vision is reflected in our primary processes and, for example, through our Emission-free2030 climate programme, but also through initiatives and partnerships that have social value for us. For instance, we dedicate ourselves to (vulnerable) children by facilitating birthdays together with Stichting Jarige Job, or by constructing Tiny Forests in schoolyards together with IVN Natuureducatie. At local level, we also support large and small initiatives (suggested by employees through our internal channels) that contribute to a sustainable and healthy society.

We also use our partnerships to help young people develop their talents and pursue their dreams, as we do with our own VolkerWessels Cycling Team. In addition, partnerships help us to organise special activities and show colleagues, future colleagues and the general public what we have to offer, such as during the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort.

Tiny Forests

At various locations in the Netherlands, VolkerWessels is creating Tiny Forests: pieces of densely grown, indigenous forest the size of a tennis court. To this end, we are working together with the IVN Nature Education Foundation and Earthwatch Europe. We have already created Tiny Forests in Limburg, North Brabant, Drenthe, Groningen and Overijssel and have plans to create many more. This makes VolkerWessels currently the IVN's largest partner for the construction of Tiny Forests in the Netherlands.

Jarige Job

There are children in the Netherlands who cannot celebrate their birthday because there is no money for it at home. Jarige Job Foundation helps these children by giving them a birthday box worth €35. This box contains everything needed for a real birthday, at home and at school! VolkerWessels is a friend of Jarige Job because we believe that every child deserves a birthday.

VolkerWessels Cycling Team

The VolkerWessels Cycling Team is a cycling team at Continental level. Together with a professional support team, our 16 ambitious riders compete for victory at home and abroad. VolkerWessels stands for talent development and we therefore do everything in our power to help realise the sporting ambitions of our riders. Moreover, through sustainable cooperation with the business community, we are able to support the social development of our riders so that success is achieved not only on but also off the bike. Finally, we consider a healthy body and strong mind of great importance. We therefore use our team to promote vitality among our employees.

Dutch Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort is an event where innovations, technology and realisation come together at the highest level and on a world stage. As one of the proud main sponsors, we use this fantastic event to present our company with our 130 operating companies to our 17,000 colleagues, future colleagues and the rest of the Netherlands. The VolkerWessels-built circuit with its famous banked corners shows what we are capable of and hundreds of colleagues volunteer every year to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Motorsport & Innovation

Young people with big dreams, ranging from sporting ambitions to developing the most advanced, ground-breaking innovations. VolkerWessels supports various initiatives through which we are able to help talent and share technological knowledge. For example, we are partner of Team Forze, the TU Delft student team that has been achieving impressive successes for several years with its self-developed hydrogen car. In addition, VolkerWessels is a founding partner of the talent development programme of René Lammers, youthful karting talent and son of legendary racing driver Jan Lammers. René has a dream of reaching the highest achievable level in racing and we are proud to assist him on this challenging journey.


VolkerWessels and the Rijksmuseum announced in December 2020 that they have entered into a partnership for a period of at least three years. In addition to an annual contribution, this partnership will focus on making the museum's accommodation more sustainable. VolkerWessels will deploy its expertise in this regard, contributing to the preservation and accessibility of the collections.

Amsterdam Light Festival

VolkerWessels is a proud partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which is organised every winter, with artworks created especially for the festival. The festival also realises special projects in cooperation with artists, partners and various stakeholders in the city. The eleventh edition is dedicated to the world of imagination with 'Imagine Beyond'.