Construction & Real Estate Development

  • Construction and renovation for residential and non-residential real estate including industrial and logistic facilities  
  • Real estate development  
  • In-house technical installations services capabilities  
  • Industrial production and supply of construction materials, including pre-fabricated building supplies



  • Road construction service & maintenance and asphalt production  
  • Railway construction, services and maintenance  
  • Civil engineering activities for roads, waterways and rail  
  • Multi-disciplinary project management for complex projects  
  • Traffic management for road and railway installations

Energy & Telecoms Infrastructure *


  • Construction and maintenance of energy infrastructure for underground & above ground pipelines for energy & water transport and production and industrial processes  
  • Construction and maintenance of telecoms infrastructure including fibre-optic and wireless networks
* Including the Belgium activities

United Kingdom

  • Industrial and commercial building and infrastructure construction  
  • Civil engineering and infrastructure  
  • Railway infrastructure renewals and enhancements, rail systems and maintenance  
  • Construction & maintenance of water and energy infrastructure including ports and harbour infrastructure, flood risk management, utilities and waste facilities  
  • Highway and airport infrastructure construction and maintenance

North America

  • Municipal road and highways maintenance and underground utilities (sewage and water construction) (in the Alberta and British Columbia provinces)
  • Roadwork construction and maintenance, civil engineering (such as bridge construction and flood risk management) and underground utilities (in the north-west of the United States (broader Seattle area)
  • Asphalt and gravel production


  • Construction for residential housing  
  • Real estate development  
  • Focus on Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia and Frankfurt region