Fibre optic cables, terrestrial transmission and LTE masts. This is just a brief glimpse of the range of media VolkerWessels uses to connect consumers and businesses with the digital highway. We build, maintain and renovate fixed and mobile networks. From copper and coax to fibre-optic, from 3G and UMTS to 4G and LTE, our people know all of the materials and technologies to create lightning-fast, reliable connections everywhere.

4G installation


Our expertise in telecom has a number of facets. From the optimum placement of masts and antennae to drilling under rivers to make connections, from laying copper and fibre-optic cables to building 'telecom-ready' homes, we have all of the necessary disciplines in house to complete every project in its entirety: design, engineering, construction, management, monitoring, service and maintenance.

Fiber to the Home

Lightning-fast internet

On-demand television with a crystal clear image. Making video calls, streaming music and watching films on the go. Smartphones, tablets and laptops demand ever more speed and bandwidth, so VolkerWessels is transforming networks from snail trails to expressways, both underground and through the air. With new technology, we also make traditional copper and coax networks suitable for the demands of modern telecommunications services.