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Clear strategy to drive controlled profitable growth and shareholder return.

VolkerWessels’ aim is to deliver controlled profitable growth and strong shareholder return based on three pillars: (i) profitably capture attractive market opportunities, (ii) improve margins through operational excellence and (iii) pursue strategic bolt-on acquisitions.

Profitably capture attractive market opportunities

VolkerWessels pursues the development of long-term relationships and alliances with its clients through its local focus and connections. It is focused on opportunities in the Dutch construction, infrastructure and real estate market, including opportunities to develop its strategic land bank. In addition, VolkerWessels is pursuing opportunities to develop its UK and North America operations to match anticipated increasing levels of public infrastructure investments. As the Company has done in the past, VolkerWessels will continue to focus on a balanced portfolio of small projects that form the core of its operations as well as large projects, where prudent risk management and tendering will continue to underline its project selection process.

Further improvement of margins through operational excellence

VolkerWessels believes that its operational excellence initiatives, including its focus on continually improving and optimising its risk management processes, will enable it to further improve its market position, cash returns and margins. These initiatives are centred around (i) the further optimisation of procurement; (ii) the reduction of selling, general and administration expenses in proportion to VolkerWessels’ projects and project size; and (iii) the use of innovative technologies and concepts by VolkerWessels’ operating companies as part of its focus on risk management, process improvement and project efficiency.

Strategic bolt-on acquisitions

In addition to organic growth in its existing segments, VolkerWessels also seeks attractive market opportunities to further strengthen its position through bolt-on acquisitions. The principle for any acquisition is that it should be a good fit with the VolkerWessels philosophy and corporate culture, strengthen its local and regional capabilities and contribute towards its strategic priorities. VolkerWessels believes that its capital position provides it with the ability to engage in selected bolt-on acquisitions.