Living and experiencing, working and developing, together: that is what defines VolkerWessels. From its family-owned origins, the company has grown into a construction group that is known around the world. With around 17,000 employees spread across 120 companies we have the capability to design, build, manage and maintain entire areas – from infrastructure to schools and from homes to green spaces. Our mission: to build a better quality of life. Come and join us and Make Tomorrow Possible!

Large and yet small

VolkerWessels is active in many areas: from construction and real estate to civil engineering and from rail and road construction to energy and telecoms: we develop, design, build, finance, manage and operate. 

Our construction group comprises 130 companies. Our strength lies in the diversity of all these companies. All VolkerWessels companies are independent, know the regional markets like nobody else and have their own culture and identity. By combining our knowledge and expertise we are able to deliver integrated solutions and provide the best possible service to our clients. In short: large and yet small. And we’re proud of that!

Organisational structure

Living and experiencing together

VolkerWessels believes in a living environment where quality of life comes first. It’s something we work on together every day and goes beyond delivering homes, roads and network connections. We design and build smart, social, innovative neighbourhoods and nature areas in which everything is present and nothing is lost. This contributes towards the health and happiness of the people who use and live in them. In other words: to quality of life.

But living and experiencing together is more. Within our organisation we are all working on the future. Everyone brings their unique qualities, knowledge and personality to the mix. Sustainability and innovation are important pillars in this context. We look to the future with great enthusiasm and ambition. We see opportunities and to realise these we need you – your critical, fresh or far-sighted way of looking at things. Join us at VolkerWessels and Make Tomorrow Possible!

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Working Together

You don’t design, build, manage and maintain a city on your own, it’s something you do together. And so collaboration with colleagues, clients and local residents is important to us. We prefer to realise projects using several companies – an approach which has proved successful. By pooling our colleagues’ knowledge and enthusiasm we can boast some impressive projects.

For our colleagues this means specifically that they can use their own unique talents. Because you are at your best when you work to your strengths! It’s not just about the label that goes with your job but about who you are as a person. In fact precisely about who you are as a person! Because the power of the VolkerWessels business lies in the people. They Make Tomorrow Possible.

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Developing together

We are ambitious and want to get stronger and better. Which is why we value people who take the initiative. That means that new ideas are always welcome and it’s OK to make mistakes. We give you room to develop – within your job or perhaps in a totally different role: it’s up to you. The 120 companies in the VolkerWessels group provide plenty of opportunities to grow in the role that’s right for you.

Core Values

Working safely and sustainably
We realise that our work entails risk which is why safety comes first in everything we do. This goes beyond our safety values and rules. We are aware of our actions and keep an eye on each other at all times. In other words: we work safely or not at all. Moreover sustainability is a top priority. We know that the depletion of raw materials, energy and nature impacts on our market and so we keep this to a minimum.

Digitalisation, robotisation, big data, the internet of things: the world around us is changing rapidly. All these changes mean that clients are asking different things of us. They also want us to improve accessibility and help enhance liveability. We can only do so through constant development and innovation, both now and in the future.

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Will you join us?

In order to remain successful in the future we are looking for new colleagues with the energy and perseverance to help build the world of tomorrow. People with the determination and courage to make a difference, to take initiative and contribute to our living environment and quality of life. People who see both the opportunities and the challenges of tomorrow!

Do you want to help build a better quality of life and realise entire cities in collaboration with your colleagues? And are you a great team player, do you want to work on your development and are you open to innovations as well as working safely and sustainably? Great. Then you’re the person we’re looking for! It doesn’t matter whether you have been in the working world for some time or are a recent graduate. We get the best out of ourselves by living and experiencing, working and developing together! Make Tomorrow Possible!

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