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As a group VolkerWessels has the ability to realise large, complex projects. The new ING head office in Amsterdam-Zuidoost is a good example, not only because of the clever sustainable features included in the modern building but also because of the new function being assigned to the old ING head office: the ‘Sand Castle’ in Amsterdam-Zuidoost will be converted into an apartment complex providing more than 330 homes. Thanks to the strong links between G&S Vastgoed and G&S Bouw this project is sustainable with a capital S.

Moving mountains together

Arjen Lindeman, head of development at G&S Vastgoed, says he is “bursting with pride.” The new ING head office was completed in March of this year. “It feels a bit as if your baby has grown up and now it’s time to let go.” The building itself is not the only thing that Arjen is proud of. “The collaboration with ING, co-developer OVG Real Estate and the partners within VolkerWessels not only enabled us to realise one of the most sustainably built office buildings, but also to give a new future to the existing office building and thus create more affordable homes in Amsterdam.”

Sustainable with a capital S

Environmentally friendly, transparent and flexible – these are words that characterise the new ING office on Bijlmerdreef in Amsterdam. “ING wanted an office that reflects their identity and strategy. The building has a lot of glass to allow in sufficient daylight, with aluminium canopies protruding from the façade to prevent overheating in summer. The building also has good insulation and the roof is covered with solar panels. Some of the circular concrete recovered from the demolition of the former Frankemaheerd complex has been reused, without any compromise of quality.

“All in all it is a super-sustainable design, for which we were awarded a BREEAM Outstanding rating, the highest sustainability certificate.” The technically sustainable nature of the building is carried through into the building’s use. “The office is multi-functional and includes two atriums with platforms where people can meet up or relax for a while. In addition the building features various types of workspaces. Whether you want to hold a meeting, work in silence, conduct a phone conversation or have an informal chat, wherever you are there will be a space for it. Moreover there is a large garden next to the building. ING wanted a beautiful green zone to encourage employees to go outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise.”

Quick interaction

G&S Vastgoed and G&S Bouw were jointly responsible for realising the new office. As you can tell from their names, the two companies have a shared past. They used to be one company but have continued to work together regularly since separating. “G&S Bouw has a great deal of experience in large office development, making them the obvious partner for us on this project,” says Arjen. “We know exactly what to expect from each other and where we are able to help each other. Which is why we got G&S Bouw involved at an early stage, even before the design drawings were completely finished. That gave us an early insight into the building costs and construction schedule. It also allowed G&S Bouw to share their thinking on proposed changes in the project. It is good to be able to jointly analyse the consequences of such changes in terms of costs and the construction schedule. This meant that we were able to meet ING’s wishes and requirements throughout. It’s great to have that kind of quick interaction.”

Everybody wins

Arjen looks back on the project with a good feeling. “Firstly the client, ING, placed a lot of trust in us. Thanks to the collaboration with G&S Bouw we never had to say ‘no’ to ING and were able to incorporate all their wishes in the course of the process. For example, without G&S Bouw we would never have been able to realise that extra 12,000 square metres so quickly. ING now has a sustainable and energy-efficient office that is fit for the next 20 years. It’s great that VolkerWessels has been able to play such an important role in this.”


Twelve old office buildings were demolished to make way for the new ING building. Half of the 28,000 tonnes of concrete recovered was reused and incorporated in the new building. The remainder will be used in the construction of the new A9 motorway.

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