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Scheveningen, Northern Pier Head
Scheveningen, Northern Pier Head
65,000 m2
Total development
Various new buildings and redesign of public area

The Northern Pier Head in Scheveningen is being redeveloped by VolkerWessels Vastgoed to make space for the existing fish-processing companies and to strengthen the boulevard by adding new functions.


The plan is being developed in cooperation with the municipality of The Hague and the local entrepreneurs united in the "Viscluster". The total development comprises approximately 65,000 m2 of new buildings and a redesign of the public area.

The plans for the redevelopment of the Northern Pier Head were initiated by the Viscluster, consisting of AZ Fisheries, Simonis, Plugge and Seafood Centre. VolkerWessels Vastgoed is developing and realising the various plans in phases, based on a feasibility study.


The redevelopment of the Northern Pier Head comprises several new buildings, including a 226-room hotel for Inntel Hotels and a new boathouse for the KNRM. Furthermore, new business premises for the fishing industry and new construction on the Strandweg with a size of around 10,000 m2. This new building includes catering, shops, recreation, businesses, flats and a large car park with 840 parking spaces. In addition, the entrepreneurs of the Viscluster will renew and enlarge their businesses on Visafslagweg, also adding new functions. The public area will be redesigned, with a new natural dune being constructed on and against the car park. This dune will soon form a beautiful meeting place overlooking the promenade and the beach.


The plans will be implemented in phases. Meanwhile, the Inntel hotel Marina Beach, two business premises for the fish entrepreneurs, a new boathouse for the KNRM and a new catering pavilion for Simonis have been realised. The car park was completed in 2023 and put into operation by Q-park.

On top of the car park, the Dune Pavilions plan will be realised with space for catering, shops, recreation and offices. Afterwards, the dune on and against the car park can also be reinstated. The dune will then become a fine area for strolling and staying.

Implementation of two more business halls for the Fish Entrepreneurs has also started. These will be levelled in early 2024.

Total development: 65,000 m2

Location: Scheveningen

Programme: Various new buildings and redevelopment of public areas

Developer: VolkerWessels Vastgoed

Urban development, Landscape, Architects: KCAP Architects, Team V Architects, Queeste Architects, DAVL Studio and Landscape Partners

Advisors: Aveco de Bondt, MOS Geotechniek, Peutz and Zri

Execution: Boele & van Eesteren, Homij Installaties, Systabo, WSP Infra, KWS, VSH Infra, Continental Car Parks

Realisation: 2018-2027

For more information: Project website: www.NoordelijkHavenhoofdScheveningen.nl