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Wessels Rijssen to build apartment complex in Utrecht for Altera
Wessels Rijssen to build apartment complex in Utrecht for Altera
04 July 2022

Wessels Rijssen, part of VolkerWessels, will build an apartment complex of 200 apartments for rent in the medium-price segment on the Beneluxlaan in Utrecht. Real estate investor Altera and Beneluxlaan Utrecht CV have this week reached agreement on the purchase of this newly built apartment complex and so Altera can also give the contract for the construction to Wessels Rijssen.

Johan Koenderink, Wessels Rijssen: "We are extremely pleased with the order, the construction fits in seamlessly with our expertise in building sustainable apartment complexes. Wessels Rijssen will make use of VolkerWessels' BouwHub on the edge of Utrecht. All the necessary building materials will be transported to the BouwHub. From the BouwHub, the entire logistical process of the construction chain, from supplier to building site, will be arranged. The suppliers are unloaded without waiting times, the deliveries are prepared in day packages and these are transported to the building project in the most intelligent way. Fewer trips to the construction site, less inconvenience for local residents, lower transport costs, lower CO2 and nitrogen emissions and a faster construction time."

Jaap van der Bijl, CEO Altera : "With the purchase of the homes on the Beneluxlaan in Utrecht, we are further fulfilling the large demand for affordable housing in the city. Together with the fulfilment of our set ESG requirements, this project fits well into our sustainable and young housing portfolio."

The building will consist of 78 three-bedroom and 122 two-bedroom apartments, ranging in size from 53 m² to 84 m². In addition, the building will include approximately 600 m² of commercial space, 87 parking spaces (including charging spots and shared cars) and 667 bicycle parking spaces.


The building will be equipped with solar panels with the EQw system. The EQw system is a collective installation that provides heat and cold to residential and commercial properties using a power plant located centrally in the building. To reduce heat stress and flooding, a retention area with a green roof will provide water buffering and promote biodiversity in the city.

Affordable housing in the city

Utrecht has a very strong housing market and is among the G5 cities. Utrecht wants to facilitate growth through the guiding principle of healthy urbanization. Affordable housing for a diversity of households is one of the focal points in this regard. The Woonvisie 2019 and Ruimtelijke Strategie Utrecht (RSU) are in line with this: being able to live appropriately and affordably are important objectives here. Mid-rent is a category that is important for target groups such as recent graduates, young households entering the housing market and the elderly.


The project site is located on the corner of Beneluxlaan and Vasco da Gammalaan in Utrecht. The start of the first works is planned for August 2022.