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PlasticRoad becomes CirculinQ
PlasticRoad becomes CirculinQ
13 April 2023

PlasticRoad, the innovator of climate-adaptive infrastructure solutions, is changing its name to CirculinQ. The company has grown into an independent business with a groundbreaking product line in circular element paving for parking spaces, cycle and footpaths. CirculinQ is ambitious and continuously investing in new sustainable products for public and private projects, through which it aims to make a vital contribution to solving the global water crisis. The new name CirculinQ matches this ambition.

In 2018, the company astounded the market with the introduction of the world’s first plastic cycle path (PlasticRoad). The innovative product for extreme weather, local water issues and sustainable water management has proven itself in recent years with renowned national and international customers. The challenges around climate adaptation and sustainability are highly topical. Reports of flooding, interspersed with prolonged periods of drought, are recurring topics in the news. CirculinQ is convinced that climate resilience and maximum circularity form the only future-proof solution for a sustainable infrastructure.

Maximum reuse of rain water

Managing Director Jeroen Oudshoorn: ‘CirculinQ has successfully developed climate-resistant and circular element pavements for cycle paths, footpaths and parking facilities in the first years of its operation. Our products can be found in many places, both at home and abroad. The urgency of thinking differently about water management, climate adaptation and approaching the current system differently was once again underlined at the United Nations Water Conference in New York. Therefore, we will continue to invest in a wider product line. This ambition calls for a new name: CirculinQ.’

CirculinQ makes climate-resistant cycle paths, footpaths and parking facilities while achieving more than 80% circularity of raw materials, maximum reuse after disassembly and guaranteed low CO2 emissions throughout their life cycle. This contributes to an integrated solution for local flora and fauna and quality of life, both within and outside the urban area.

Circular and smart bike path CirculinQ on TU Delft campus

About CirculinQ

CirculinQ is an innovative company creating sustainable climate-adaptive infrastructure solutions. The company is a joint venture between VolkerWessels and Wavin. The element paving reduces local floodings as well as droughts and can be used in soft soil areas. The products are characterised by the use of recycled materials and prefabricated modular elements. The circular solutions are widely used, for example as car parks, cycle paths or footpaths.