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KWS and VolkerRail extend Schiphol main contract

30 January 2019

A consortium of KWS and VolkerRail, both VolkerWessels companies, has received the final contract award for lot 2 ‘aircraft stands’ from Schiphol airport. Operating as VolkerInfra Schiphol, the consortium will be responsible for maintenance work as well as various projects over a period of nine years aimed at upgrading the airport infrastructure around the aircraft stands. The initial term of the maintenance section of the contract is three years, with an option to extend by two further three-year periods. In addition the majority of all the construction projects initiated by Schiphol within the lot will be realised by VolkerInfra Schiphol. The signing of the contract took place yesterday and work under the new contract is scheduled to start on 1 April.

The new contract will see the two VolkerWessels companies continue their work on the lot that VolkerWessels has been working on since 2007. The maintenance work will be carried out on a performance-led basis.

Strategic partnership

VolkerInfra Schiphol will approach its collaboration with Schiphol according to the principles of Vested®, a new contracting philosophy in the Netherlands which ultimately aims to establish an ecosystem for innovations. The long contract duration is conducive to this. ‘Predictive maintenance’ will be the standard which will enable future maintenance at the airport to be carried out in a preventative and therefore more efficient way, giving the client peace of mind. Smarter maintenance and life-cycle costing provide optimum support for the airport processes, minimising delays at competitive costs.

To obtain an optimum return on assets the partners will invest in digitalisation. Real-time availability of information will allow maintenance to be performed exactly when it is needed. Furthermore this data will provide new knowledge that can be used to instigate further innovation.

Long-term maintenance at the airport

Schiphol has the objective to be the first climate-neutral mainport on the ground and up to a height of 3,000 feet by 2040. In addition Schiphol aspires to be a zero-waste airport by 2030. Both these objectives are consistent with the sustainability targets of KWS and VolkerRail. For the maintenance contract the companies will deploy equipment including machinery that runs on green electricity. Materials such as concrete and asphalt released during the work at Schiphol will be recycled to the highest level possible at the airport. Where this is not possible recycling will take place as near to the airport as possible to minimise transport emissions. New materials will be issued with a Madaster Material Passport whereby the team will apply a zero-waste policy.

The work

The lot 2 contract comprises the management, maintenance, modifications and projects relating to the infrastructure and systems needed to handle aircraft. An important part of the work involves the maintenance and/or installation of technical systems such as passenger boarding bridges, Visual Docking Guidance Systems, apron lighting, concrete aircraft stands and de-icing platforms. The ring road that serves the terminal for the inward and outward transport of goods is also included in the scope.

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