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Hyrde AIR to launch at Building Holland
Hyrde AIR to launch at Building Holland
09 April 2019

Digitalisation is a crucial part of VolkerWessels’ strategy. The Internet of Things (IoT), which involves using the Internet to connect machines, buildings, infrastructure and devices by means of sensors, is one of the developments contributing to this. Hyrde, a VolkerWessels company, facilitates the rapid development of IoT solutions and is launching a new solution during the Building Holland innovation trade fair: Hyrde AIR (Artificial Intelligent Image Recognition). Hyrde AIR enables us to develop applications for customers who want to use image recognition to monitor car parks and construction sites as well as for other purposes.

Last year Hyrde made huge strides and the team doubled in size. The company’s activities are now expanding both nationally and internationally as the team works with partners to develop and launch new solutions for each domain. In doing so Hyrde regularly joins forces with other VolkerWessels companies. This results in new knowledge and experiences which are greatly appreciated by the parties involved.

Wide range of customers and commissions

Hyrde is most proud of its wide range of customers and commissions. The company has proved that it is not afraid to take it one step further for each customer in order to create valuable IoT solutions. These can relate to optimising Facility Management, controlling devices in a smart way, or using image recognition at car parks to gain an insight in how they are used. We also take part in research projects. An example of this a successful Track & Trace solution, developed in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and VolkerWessels Bouwmaterieel, that tracks building materials from the VolkerWessels BouwHub (building hub) to the construction site to the final project destination. 

About Hyrde

Hyrde has been an official VolkerWessels company since mid-April 2018. Hyrde, the Danish word for shepherd, facilitates the quick development of Internet of Things solutions. Nurtured under the VolkerWessels Telecom umbrella, Hyrde is now continuing as an independent subsidiary. What makes Hyrde unique is its complete IoT ecosystem with all the expertise and ingredients needed to create complete Internet of Things solutions. This ecosystem enables Hyrde to participate in the rapidly changing digital world while acquiring new innovations.

For more information go to www.hyrde.io