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Eneco and VolkerWessels start construction of De Wildert Solar Farm
Eneco and VolkerWessels start construction of De Wildert Solar Farm
30 June 2021

Construction of the De Wildert Solar Farm in the municipality of Dongen has started. In the coming months, VolkerWessels and Eneco will have 38,000 solar panels installed that together will be generating around 20 GWh of green power each year; the equivalent of the annual energy consumption of 7,300 households. Part of the generated power will be used locally, because the solar energy will be supplied to the adjacent Coca-Cola factory and to VolkerWessels. Both companies will be using the green power to make their business processes more sustainable. At the same time, this will bring the municipality of Dongen a step closer to achieving its local generation of sustainable energy ambitions.

De Wildert Solar Farm will be built on property owned by VolkerWessels that is located next to the industrial estate with the same name. Because the surroundings were taken into account in the design of the solar farm, it is barely visible from the public road. Also, the two old oak trees on the site will be preserved. The solar farm is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2021.

Solar farm construction

Ecorus is the main contractor for the construction of the solar farm and the civil engineering works. Visser & Smit Hanab, a VolkerWessels company, will be responsible for the construction of the link to the grid. Landscaping of the area will be in the hands of VolkerWessels company Gebr. Van Kessel. The project is financed by Eneco and VolkerWessels, supplemented with a project loan from Rabobank.

Cees de Haan, director Asset Development and Realisation Eneco: “I am pleased that Eneco will be developing this solar farm together with VolkerWessels. The solar farm will be constructed on a vacant lot that is well suited for the installation of solar panels, in addition to the array of sustainable assets within the municipality of Dongen. At the same time, we are supporting two companies in their efforts to improve their sustainability: Coca-Cola and co-initiator VolkerWessels. A collaboration to be proud of.”

Jan van Rooijen, CFO VolkerWessels: “Construction of this solar farm next to the De Wildert industrial estate is made possible by the good cooperation with our joint venture partner Eneco. This project is a development that contributes to our own CSR objectives from every perspective as well as the objectives in the national climate agreement. The total site covers 19 hectares, 3.5 of which will be set up as an ecological connection zone and 15.5 of which will be used by the solar farm. This means that it will have a positive impact on biodiversity in the area. Upon completion, this solar farm will allow VolkerWessels to generate nearly 20% of its Dutch green power by itself. This fantastic project is the result of having a clear goal and smart organisation of the right competences at Eneco as well as a number of VolkerWessels companies.”

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