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From the site office to machinery and other equipment, from concrete prefab elements to pipe parts and from building materials to building elements made from wood and bamboo: VolkerWessels is a multidisciplinary construction group with nearly every link of the chain under one roof. Our suppliers are specialist, pioneering companies that are constantly working to innovate applications and semi-finished products. 

Fast and flexible

Having our own suppliers gives us speed and flexibility. We are not dependent on third parties and can adapt quickly in the event of changing needs or growing demand. It also increases our speed and reduces our failure costs at the construction site.



There is a great need for housing and sustainability. At the same time, materials and labour are becoming scarcer. We see opportunities to transform complex housing development and construction processes into a clear process. We do this with our residential label MorgenWonen: the housing...


NoNOx filter

VolkerWessels has developed a technology which allows nitrogen emissions produced by both stationary and mobile equipment during the construction phase of projects to be reduced by as much as 99%. We call this technology the NoNOx filter.


BouwHubs for smart construction logistics

Fewer journeys to the construction site, lower transport costs, lower emissions of C02 and nitrogen and a faster construction time. These are the proven advantages of the BouwHub, VolkerWessels' new construction logistics standard.


Companies in Supply

The strength of VolkerWessels lies in the diversity of our companies: independent companies with their own profit and market responsibility. Regional construction firms with a local name and reputation. With our combined knowledge we are strong in the field of multidisciplinary and integrated projects. We work together to build quality of life.

The following VolkerWessels companies are specialised in Supply:

De Groot Vroomshoop Groep bv

De Mors Houtbouw bv

PGB Holding bv

Part of parentcompany PGB Groep

REINÆRDT Deuren bv

Smits Neuchâtel Bouw b.v.

VolkerWessels Materieel & Logistiek bv

Westo Prefab Betyonsystemen B.V.


Part of parentcompany VolkerRail SAFAC