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Whether it be an impressive courthouse, town hall, ultramodern hospital, a complex energy plant, a new prefab house or an entirely circular residential neighbourhood, VolkerWessels gives the built environment a face. From factories to airport terminals, stadiums and zoos. Thanks to our expert knowledge and years of experience our people are familiar with every type of building.


VolkerWessels designs, develops, builds, manages and maintains residential, non-residential and industrial buildings. Furthermore our in-house supply and installation capabilities enable us to undertake multidisciplinary execution of construction and real estate projects as well as land development. From the initial sketches at the drawing board right through to the major maintenance, renovation and asset management of properties.


Sustainable construction

Demand is growing for new zero-energy bill homes and the sustainable repurposing of offices and homes (including homes managed by housing corporations). Circular business is an irreversible trend. VolkerWessels has a great deal of experience in developing, designing and building non-residential projects in accordance with international sustainability standards such as BREEAM, and strives to achieve circularity in every discipline. Which means sustainability is the main building block of our DNA along with innovation, safety and a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit.



Two weeks from first building block to ready-to-live home. Sustainable, low-maintenance, affordable and zero energy costs. That is the calling card of MorgenWonen, the pioneering building standard of VolkerWessels. The key to MorgenWonen? All the essential elements of the homes are...


A green valley in the heart of the city

Bold, unique, green and sustainable: all words that describe Valley in Amsterdam. Construction combination Valley Amsterdam (VolkerWessels companies Boele & van Eesteren and G&S Bouw), has started in August 2017 with the realisation of this iconic building on the Amsterdam Zuidas....


Strong links

As a group VolkerWessels has the ability to realise large, complex projects. The new ING head office in Amsterdam-Zuidoost is a good example, not only because of the clever sustainable features included in the modern building but also because of the new function being assigned to the old ING...


Tree-clad towers

Close to Utrecht central station there is a site where the two greenest towers in the Netherlands are being developed: Wonderwoods. The project will be realised in Utrecht’s Beurskwartier district, designated as a Healthy Urban Quarter, where the City of Utrecht is aiming to reduce the...


VolkerWessels, Event Supporter Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix

The Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix at Circuit Zandvoort will be an event where innovations, technology and realisation come together at the highest level and on a world stage. As one of the proud main sponsors we will use this event to present VolkerWessels to our 17,000 colleagues,...


NoNOx filter

VolkerWessels has developed a technology which allows nitrogen emissions produced by both stationary and mobile equipment during the construction phase of projects to be reduced by as much as 99%. We call this technology the NoNOx filter.


Bartok - The result of a simple approach

The Bartok apartment building, completed in 2018, is part of the inner-city redevelopment of Arnhem and is located a very short distance from the main shopping street in the city centre. Bartok was developed by KondorWessels Projecten (KWP) and built by Wessels Rijssen (both part of...


Companies in Construction

The strength of VolkerWessels lies in the diversity of our companies: independent companies with their own profit and market responsibility. Regional construction firms with a local name and reputation. With our combined knowledge we are strong in the field of multidisciplinary and integrated projects. We work together to build quality of life.

The following VolkerWessels companies are specialised in construction:

Aannemersbedrijf Van Agtmaal bv

Aannemersbedrijf Van der Poel bv

Bébouw Midreth

BMB ontwikkeling

Bouwbedrijf Reitsma bv

Part of parentcompany Rottinghuis' Aannemingsbedrijf bv

Bouwbedrijf Wessels Rijssen bv

Bouwbedrijf Wessels Zeist bv

Credo España

De Bonth van Hulten B.V.

Dubotechniek Bedrijven

G&S Vastgoed

Goossen Te Pas Bouw B.V.

IBB Kondor

Koenen Bouw Emmen

KonderWessels Projecten (locatie Maarssen)

Kondor Wessels Amsterdam bv

KondorWessels Projecten (locatie Rijssen)

KondorWessels Vastgoed

Kontour Vastgoed bv

Kroon & De Koning bv

Loostad bv

Rottinghuis' Aannemingsbedrijf bv

Smits Neuchâtel Bouw b.v.

Stam + De Koning Bouw bv

Systabo bv

Test company

UFKES Apeldoorn

Van de Ven Bouw en Ontwikkeling bv

Visser & Smit Bouw bv


VolkerWessels Logistics Development bv

VolkerWessels Vastgoed bv

VW Bouw Schiphol

Part of parentcompany Visser & Smit Bouw bv

Wilchem B.V. (Papendrecht)