Working and learning go hand in hand at VolkerWessels. We believe it is important that people are given the opportunity to develop themselves. To learn the job under the guidance of an experienced colleague and thus to claim their place on the labour market. Preferably within our group, because we can always use enthusiastic professionals. VolkerWessels Inclusief makes this possible.

Work is the key

Work is important. For our society, because a lot of working people means a strong economy. For our company, which needs professionals in order to be able to fulfil our tasks. But work is especially important for people. A paid job gives you the opportunity to be meaningful and to provide for yourself independently. It stimulates your personal development and ensures that you 'belong'. In short, work contributes to the quality of your life. It is not easy or self-evident for everyone to find a place in the labour market. VolkerWessels Inclusief is there for those who just need a little extra help.

Just a little extra help

VolkerWessels Inclusief is VolkerWessels' (internal) learning and working company. We help people who need a little extra help to find a place in the labour market. For example, people on benefits who want to work in construction or infrastructure, but do not have the right starting qualifications. People with a technical background, at a practical or theoretical level, who want to retrain in order to fulfil a position at VolkerWessels. Or people who want to switch to the construction sector from another profession. In close cooperation with the VolkerWessels Professional School and VolkerWessels Academy, we train them with a tailor-made programme to become fully-fledged professionals. In all fields, from carpenter or electrician to modeller.

Working and learning

The employees lean on the job, under the supervision of qualified employees from our group. It’s a paid programme, in which they work for 32 hours at a VolkerWessels company and follow a training course for 8 hours, in their own region. This training takes about two years and is paid for by VolkerWessels Inclusief. It consists of a customised programme aimed at personal development and obtaining the desired technical certificates. If the employee proves suitable after the trajectory and there is a desire on both sides to continue the employment contract, we will examine whether a follow-up contract at a VolkerWessels company is possible.

Important for the whole of VolkerWessels

The inflow of new professionals deserves the full attention of our entire group. After all, the need for new, internally well-trained colleagues is greater than ever. VolkerWessels Inclusief helps all companies within the group to find new skilled and enthusiastic employees. We provide suitable people and train them in the required competences. In this way, we also help VolkerWessels companies to efficiently and effectively meet their social return obligation. In a structured and professional way, making them a fully-fledged and welcome partner for housing corporations, municipalities and other clients.

Want to know more?

VolkerWessels Inclusief is run by Annette Pasveer and her team. "In the long term, true social entrepreneurship only has winners. The society that benefits from work. The people who deserve a serious chance. And VolkerWessels that derives its strength from its professionals."

Would you like to know more about VolkerWessels Inclusief? About the vision and approach, the possibilities and advantages? Please contact Annette Pasveer on +31 88 186 6186 or