A sustainable society and building a better quality of life together. That is what VolkerWessels stands for. And that means that we also take the initiative to actively contribute to activities that fit in with the realisation of this vision.

We have developed a sponsorship policy with which we try to build a selection of partnerships. These partnerships enable us not only to get our message across, but above all to actually achieve our objectives. Together we build a better quality of life by supporting appropriate initiatives with a social value. And they also enable us to set up fun activities for our 17,000 employees and future colleagues.

Below you will find more information about how we look at sponsorship and which wonderful partnerships we have already initiated. Things that represent value for us and with which we show commitment and responsibility for society. Activities, from large to small, we are proud off.


VolkerWessels is a proud sponsor of a number of fantastic initiatives. Would you like to know more about our ongoing partnerships?

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Sponsor and donation policy

Would you like more information about our sponsorship, donations and employee initiatives policy?

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