Working for us is special, because even though you may work for one of our operating companies, you are still part of a major enterprise. An enterprise involved in the design, development, realisation and management of the built environment. Our preference is to do that by demonstrating our strength: multiple VolkerWessels companies collaborating on a single project. That approach is successful, which is also evident from the impressive projects that carry our name. Projects that are realised with a great deal of knowledge and passion by our staff.

What can you expect from us?

  • A challenging working environment, in which you contribute to the realisation of exceptional projects. Projects that are the talk of the town, that often become icons in the landscape and that more often than not have social significance.
  • The projects and assignments are varied and match your level of education. You will see that the environment in which we work is dynamic and very pleasant to work in. 
  • Extensive opportunities in which to further develop and broaden your knowledge and skills. We have instituted a VolkerWessels Academy for this purpose with a large offer of training and education programmes. 
  • Management that has an eye for young talent. They support your development and see to it that you capitalise on the available opportunities.